Who is Scrunch and Bands? 

Hi there, 
My name is Tara and I am the owner and founder of Scrunch and Bands. In January of 2019, my mum and I started to make scrunchies out of old fabrics. This lead to owning too many scrunchies to wear at once. 
I started to realise that we owned to many scrunchies and had to find a way to give them away. I started selling them to school friends and family. One thing lead to another it turned into a small hobby. 
As this hobby started to grow to a business, I was having way too much fun making my creations. This went from making scrunchies and headbands out of old fabrics to purchasing the best designs out there. 
Now I make scrunchies and headbands for all. With the help and support from my family and friends, Scrunch and Bands is ready to launch. 
WELCOME to Scrunch and Bands xx