Diffuser Warning!!

Don’t like that new car smell or the way your car smells! Now available are our Car diffusers. You can also use these around your house to have it smelling fresh and stylish. Or they even make the perfect gift!!

DO NOT CONSUME. We DO NOT recommend you hang the Diffuser off your rear view mirror in your car. It can be distracting and cause disruption while driving. Also to avoid oil spills or leakage. Also make sure the Diffuser is upright at all times to avoid leakage or spills. Diffuser should also be removed from the area it is in if the temperature is higher then 25 degrees. Heat may damage the Diffuser or cause leakage

*By purchasing one of our diffusers you are agreeing that Scrunch and Bands will not be hold accountable for leakage or spills that may damage surfaces

‘Peach Speckle Daisy’ Diffuser